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Bad Spelling - David Chai

Cell Tracing: Danny Lee
Cell Painting: Edward Arzadon, Christopher Bedrosian, David Chai, Rachael Clark, Mary Dixon, Kwi-Im Enright, Janelle Gonyea, Justin Harrison, Jodie Hudson, Timothy Kelty, Aaron Kulik, Danny Lee, Ashley Long, Joyce Masongsong-Ray, Brad Pattullo, Drew Pierce, Victoria Rose, Steve Stanchfield

The Jumper - Mi-Kyung Kim

Animation: Mi-Kyung Kim & Clarence Rice
Cell Assist: Pil Joo Choi & Jodie Hudson

Allergies - Lawrence Gong

Death by Choking David Chai

Cell Assist: Ashley Long
Style Assist: Timothy Kelty

Death by Weight - Colin Martin & Sean Martin

Clean Up & Paint Assist: Janelle Gonyea, Jodie Hudson, Timothy Kelty, Danny Lee

Jack and the Beanstalk - Dela Longfish

Cell Assist: Eric Llorente, Nikki Lukas, Dave Nugyn, & Azusa Ogawa

Feeder Fish - Steve Stanchfield

Cat Sweater - David Chai

Color: Christopher Bedrosian, Danny Lee, Ashley Long

Monkey Bars - Drew Pierce

Cell Assist: Jodie Hudson & Steve Stanchfield

Pre Menstrual Amazon - Janelle Gonyea & Ashley Long

Rough Animation: Janelle Gonyea
Animation Tie Down, Style, & Color: Ashley Long

Choking Hazard - Joe Apel

Color Assist: Dustin Bocks, Pierre Cerrato, Carlos Espinoza, Ralph Sevelius

Death by Witchcraft - Ashley Long

Unexplained Death - Ashley Long

Stud - Derek Kurimoto

Fire Alarm in the Fondue Restaurant - David Chai

Tracing, Color, Smoke: Danny Lee

Mooooon Struck - Azusa Ogawa

Call John Gotti a Twat - Debbie Bruce

Take at your own Risk - Hau Ki Frances Ngai

Color Assist: Lincy Chan

Flowers for Sarah - Julie Bayless

Leprosy Nachos - Cody Beird

Death by Toenail - Kevin Dalton

Animation Assist: David Chai & Drew Pierce

Death by Smoking - David Chai

Clean Up & Color: Janelle Gonyea
Color Assist: Pedro Delgado & Hope Seminitis

The Salmon - Brad Nawrocki

Clean Up, Style Design, Backgrounds: Brad Nawrocki
Rough Animation: David Chai
Cell Paint Assist: Christopher Bedrosian, Mary Dixon, Ashley Long, Steve Stanchfield

Going Gracefully in the Night - Brad Pattullo

Death at the Theater - David Chai

Clean Up: Ashley Long
Original Boards: Jodie Hudson
Cell Painting: Mary Dixon, Danny Lee, Steve Stanchfield

The Floating Head of Hitler - Hope Seminitis

Hitler Head Animation: Jodie Hudson
Assist: Janelle Gonyea

Sound Design
David Zigal & Abraham Kundin

George Eastman, Kinetics, Chicago, IL
Tina Coffey, Grace & Wild Studios, Farmington Hills, MI

Special Thanks
Bunny Carter, Courtney Granner, Sheldon Borenstein