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Enrique Wrecks the World credits

Whacky crew Photoshop mash up. Enrique Wrecks the World and No Robots wrap party, August 2010.

Based on a story by Enrique Jacobo
David Chai
Michael Fong
Enrique Jacobo
Chris Lam
Aden Scott
David Yee
Animation Production
Jennifer Armstrong
Renee Carty
David Chai
Candace Downey
Michael Fong
Taylor Hsieh
Michelle Ikemoto
Joanna Johnen
Emily Rose Johnstone
Brian Kistler
Chris Lam
Gia Luc
Jose Martinez
Caitlin Richardson
Lucie Roberts
Rebecca Roberts
Erin Schleupner
Aden Scott
Michael Tate Kato
CG Animation
Jonathan Glabas
Tom Lindley
Eric Pagtaconan
Visual Development, Layout, and Background
Katie Corna
Steve Hirt
Stephanie Lew
Wilbur Liang
Christine Nguyen
Christy Williams
Compile and Editing
David Chai
Taylor Hsieh
Michelle Ikemoto
Aden Scott
Nick Torres
Paul Yula
Voice Talent
Miyuki Maruyama
Sound Edit
Michelle Ikemoto
Action Assault, Action Packed, Happy Feet, A House Divided, Little Devils,
Mysterious Adventure, and Supernatural Battle
Written and Produced David H. Wurst
CSS MUSIC, Los Angeles (BMI)
Crazed Karate Man Animation
Janet Lau
Crew Physicist
Alejandro Garcia, Ph.D
Special Thanks
Bunny Carter
Courtney Granner
#1 Wifey, Honey Chai
Directed by
David Chai

Special thanks to the Animation/Illustration department at San Jose State University for the use of their Adobe, Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, and Hewlett Packard sponsored editing lab.