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Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot credits

Konstantin Abadjiev
Wally Der
Ping Wei Luo
Lauren Andrews
Tim Heitz
Chizuru Ogasawara
David Chai
Megan Kelly
Steve Stanchfield
David Coffman
Gia Luc
Ji-Hea Yang
CG Animation
Bren Adams
Layout and Background
Bren Adams
Ariel Alvarez
John-Paul Balmet
Janet Lau
Line and Color Processing
Ariel Alvarez
Wally Der
Chizuru Ogasawara
Lauren Andrews
Andrew Ho
Patrick Roth
Chrystal Chan
Martin Kau
Sophorn Sin
Amie Chan
Megan Kelly
Corey Tom
Jehan Choo
Sarita Kolhatkar
Aletta Wenas
David Coffman
Danny Lee
Pui-Ki Wong
Ping Wei Luo
Story Consultants
Jeff Biancalana
Chi Wai Lao
T.J. Phan
Bunny Carter
Tien-Hsin Lee
John Ramirez
Sarah Forrester
Wayne Lo
Nick Torres
Courtney Granner
Gia Luc
David Yee
Dave Master
David Chai
Natalie Johnson
Anastasia Philips
Kendelle Hoyer
Sarah Johnson
Alison Stroot
Dark Umbrella Sunday, Spring Plane Landing
Written and Produced by Chrystal Chan
Dramatic Suspense Sequence, Humble Beginnings, In Command, The Dream is Alive
Written and Produced by David H. Wurst
CSS MUSIC, Los Angeles (BMI)

Based loosely on the left foot of Hifumi Nakamura

Special thanks to the Animation/Illustration department at San Jose State University for the use of their Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, and Hewlett Packard sponsored editing lab.

Edited and Produced by
Konstantin Abadjiev

Directed by
David Chai


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