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Ninjas vs. Guilt credits

Animation Clean Up Supervision
Candace Downey & Corey Tom
Animation Production
Keetsie Joy Braz
Renee Carty
David Chai
Ryan Chenier
Marty Cooper
Candace Downey
Heather Flynn
Michael Fong
Henry Ho
Christopher Lam
Laura Lee
Bryan Lind
Ellen Michelson
Yuri Mikami
Jamie Ryan
Aden Scott
Kanako Shibanuma
Corey Tom
Kathy Tran
Christy Williams
Art Lead
Rebbaz Royee
Visual Development, Layout, and Background
Marty Cooper
Katie Corna
Henry Ho
Dora Roychoudhury
Rebbaz Royee
Kanako Shibanuma
Story Consultants
Alice "Bunny" Carter
Marty Cooper
Alejandro Garcia
Courtney Granner
Andrew Harkins
Chris McKane
Januel Mercado
Chris Palmer
Saul Ruiz
Steve Stanchfield
Flower of the Orient, Paris Street Song, Standing in the Light
Written and Produced David H. Wurst
CSS MUSIC, Los Angeles (BMI)
Crew Physicist
Alejandro Garcia, Ph.D
Directed by
David Chai

Based on the "Ninjas Versus" comic project, developed by David Yee.

Special thanks to the Animation/Illustration department at San Jose State University for the use of their Adobe, Dreamworks, Electronic Arts, and Hewlett Packard sponsored editing lab.